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James Mclean

James McLean is a self-taught Melbourne based artist who uses a mixture of markers, inks, and digital imagery to express his passion for observing people and making social and political commentary.


Kelly Driver

Kelly Driver produces many original artworks, each created where her heart is taking her at the time.  Each artwork has been carefully planned and created with the upmost care to her craft


Candy Ng

Candy Ng is a Melbourne-based Professional Fine Art artist, relocated from Hong Kong to Australia 5 years ago.
In her artwork she would love to express the joy and empower people doing what they truly desire in their life.

Donna Mitchell - profile pic.jpg

Donna Mitchell

Donna’s current focus in her art journey is the exploration of abstract and semi-abstract. She wants
to create interest with color, shape, movement, and texture, ultimately capturing the aspects of nature;

IMG_9954 copy.jpg

Rianna Thomas

Rianna Thomas is an expressionist artist. Growing up with undiagnosed ADHD & Autism resulted in her relying on art as a source of expression & way to communicate with others.

Rianna’s goal with her art is to create emotive and relatable works that can resonate with others.


Josephine Leeder

Josephine is a self-taught abstract artist, focussing on patterns and structure from nature,
the built environment and the interior mind.

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Thoughtful Moments

Thoughtful Moments 30cm Original painted artwork by Kelly Driver painted on a timber board.  

Titanium white with violet background featuring rose, gold, blue, and touches of red. It is finished with 3 coats of high gloss varnish for longevity, UV protection and to bring out the golden shine.  
This original painting by Kelly Driver is initialled on the side and signed on the back and is ready to hang on your wall.